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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

A monumental achievement in architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful examples of organically-minded home construction on the planet. The building, commissioned in 1935, sits atop a roaring waterfall deep in the woods of the Laurel Highlands, a short drive southeast of Pittsburgh. It was our final stop on our Thanksgiving “grand tour”, and proved to be a very powerful experience. Bravo Frank! Bravo!

It is an almost unearthly (or perhaps supremely earthly) experience walking near, around, or through this structure. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed inside the house, and for obvious reasons. The building’s contents, art, and furnishings have all been preserved, including works by Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera unassumingly hanging on bedroom walls. Gaze out upon tourists standing on one of the cantilevered terraces (no vertical supports) and you get the feeling you’re in a true-to-life Escher sketch. The building boasts a southwestern “pueblo” motif, but borrows many aspects from Japanese design as well. I could go into endless detail about the unique building’s history, design, and construction, but I feel this somewhat takes away from the grand sense of overall beauty one gets from simply taking in the sight as a whole. I hope my photos do it some justice, but this is a site one must experience in person to get the full effect. We were lucky enough to find a true photographer to take a great picture of the two of us with my camera. The result was amazing.

To learn more about Fallingwater, I encourage you to check out the links below:

Official Fallingwater Site

Wikipedia: Fallingwater

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Monroeville Mall, PA

On our recent trip out east, I convinced the girlfriend to accompany me on a slight detour to Monroeville, PA. The town, an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh, is home to the Monroeville Mall, a name that should ring a bell for most any legitimate horror aficionado. It was in this mall that George A. Romero filmed the majority of his 1978 gore fest, “Dawn of the Dead.” It is a macabre fact that Romero’s zombie series may be the closest thing I’ve ever had to a religion. Needless to say, that makes Monroeville Mall “mecca”.

Upon approach, we were greeted with the hazy sight of a 1970s era brick building perched on a hill. The arches welcoming us to Macy’s rang true, this was it! Inside the mall looked remarkably the same as it was portrayed nearly forty years ago. Improvements, of course, have been made, but much of the floor plan, walls, ceilings, decor, etc. remain largely unchanged. It was an odd feeling walking through a place you’ve seen countless times before, but have never actually been to. I laughed when I saw children playing on a spot familiar to me as the spot actor Tom Savini drove a machete through a zombie’s skull. The shopping public was clearly largely unaware. Then again, judging from their demeanor, maybe the zombies never left… I wish I could have gotten more photos, but we were pressed for time. I plan to visit again the next time I’m in western Pennsylvania. Until then, check out the shots I took.

Flyboy (Courtesy of WhatCulture.com)

Wikipedia: Monroeville Mall

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Pittsburgh in November

For me, Thanksgiving always signifies the start of the blustery winter season. En route to my family in DC, I had the chance to stop in Pittsburgh and absorb some of the city. I had been to “The City of Bridges” numerous times in the past, but always in the middle of the night, and always as just a stopping point between point A and point B. This time I decided to stay the night on the North Shore with Le Snarks. It was well worth it. A working class city with a strong focus on it’s art and sports, I felt right at home. Here are some pictures from our overnight stay, most notably, the Andy Warhol Museum and PNC Park. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside the Warhol exhibits. Drag!

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